The completion of the executive project for the modernization, expansion and remodeling of the INE’s Tlapan Executive Complex in CDMX has meant to the group the evolution in the methodology of the elaboration of modern projects. Since it has joined, two great design companies specialized on their area (BA Architecture and AKF Mexico). Which altogether, achieve a final product that seldom times has been seen in our country, because we succeeded to deliver BIM models with a high level of detail (LOD 400) by coordinating the different Engineering specialties, providing the Institute with a document invaluable of information for the building’s construction and maintenance work stage.

  • Contract awarded to the joint venture led by GRUPO TADCO thought national public tendering (No. LP-INE-02/SROP/2016)
  • Executive design of new construction work (78,000 m2), and remodeling (22,000 m2)
  • Development of the project with BIM methodology (Level LOD 400)