Project Management or Contracts Administration related to the construction and architecture field is a not very common practice in Mexico, which however is very useful in projects and has proven benefits worldwide.

Our group has ventured into this discipline and has made it its own unto the level of business unit, avoiding loss of resources to our clients in accordance with the expected profits.

Grupo TADCO executes its projects through an appropriate administration and the integration of 42 processes indicated in the PMBok, which are grouped into 5 categories. Ensuring the correct termination of the contracts by verifying the different areas of knowledge found in the different projects, delimiting the phases within their life cycle to allow effective control of the main deliverables.

With the implementation of a Project Management, success factors will be promoted for your project, such as: adequate planning, real expectations, identification of deliverables and milestones, competent personnel and a clear vision of the objectives, consolidating the project as a reference of quality and of success that will be recognized by all involved.