Grupo TADCO has a vast experience in works supervision contracts and has excelled in this discipline, since it also carriesvout constructions, understands perfectly the processes and execution standards that must be respected in the course of a work.

The documentation that our company owns has a work supervision manual that enables to guide our staff in a series of steps for supervision development, which has been enhanced through different contracts that the Group has executed over the years.

The correct monitoring of supervisory activities ensures that the works have a saving of resources due to the main issues that are listed below:

  • Assurance of complete documentation before the start of work.
  • Avoid rework due to poor quality or execution by ensuring the processes.
  • Avoid risks of technical and security nature (which regularly translates into loss of money).

A properly supervised work means the optimal materialization of a project that also means an investment of resources that are regularly limited and expect a quick return in economic, cultural, political or social benefits.